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Welcome to the website of City Life. We are a firm of financial professionals who recognise that planning for your financial future is simply about you: your ambitions, your family, your health and your outlook on life. Give us a call and prepare to embark on a refreshing journey.


Everyone is unique. You have your own set of goals and aspirations, and money is just something that gets in the way. Whether you are an employee, company owner or retiree, many of the same financial principles can be applied to your situation. However, there are 4 key areas that we will focus on with you:


1. Your objectives in life

This might sound a bit fluffy, but you need a bit of fluff before you get into the numbers. Sometimes these life objectives only become clear when you are financially organised, but often they can be the starting point, before the finances are sorted. When would you LIKE to retire? Would you like to work LESS and spend more time with friends and family? How much money would you like to leave to the next generation, and how much would you prefer to SPEND?

2. Your financial background

To get to where you want to, it helps to establish from where you’re starting. As we go through life we often accumulate financial products such as life assurance, mortgages, pension plans and investments – but do we always remember why? We can get so swamped in correspondence and annual updates that we lose track of the bigger picture. By working with us, we can put a clear picture together for you as to where you stand and help you understand where the products fit into your overall situation.

3. Your family and your health

Most decisions in relation to personal financial planning have an impact on people close to you. However, some times things happen to us that we couldn’t have foreseen. Health issues can de-rail the best laid financial plans, directly impacting on our families. As part of the work we do with our clients, getting to know about a person’s family, and how financial decisions might affect them is a key element of what we do.

4. Your attitude and capacity for risk

Some of the best investment decisions over the years have been taken by the wrong people, and as such, have rapidly become bad investment decisions! You are different to your neighbour, your brother or your daughter. We don’t assume that anyone has the same attitude to risk, or ability to take financial risk, so we will ask you in detail about this area. Over time, your satisfaction with, and ability to stick to, a financial plan will depend on taking investment decisions that are appropriate for you – not chasing certain products or returns that are suitable for someone else.


We are a second generation firm of financial planners and portfolio advisors. Founded in Cork in 1971, City Life has a long established reputation in looking after the needs of our clients. This reputation has been hard earned and is based on trust placed in us by our clients and our commitment to excellence in both the advice we provide and the service we give.

When you deal with City Life, you get consistency in the advice team, the support staff and the type of unbiased, client focused advice you receive. From the way we educate ourselves as advisors, to charging for the services we provide, everything is geared around long term relationships with our clients.

We value our people and invest in our people. We value the premises where we meet our clients and invest in these premises also. We value the whole area of well thought-out process, rather than the ad hoc. By giving you the highest quality of service in an environment where you can plan for your financial future in comfort, we can work well with you no matter who you are (personal or body corporate).

Your Advisors

Eamon Dwyer
Managing Director at City Life

Ted Dwyer

Founder Director at City Life

Stephen Barry

Director at City Life

Dermot O’Mahoney

Director at City Life

Josephine Cussen

Director at City Life

  • Eimear Walsh, Advisor
  • Ciara Harte, Schemes Manager
  • Diane Skehan, Advisor
  • Maeve Barrans, Advisor
  • Gene Dwyer, Accounts
  • Tracey Worth, Advisor
  • Michelle Coakley, Advisor


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Financial Planning

Financial planning is a lifetime process, that needs to become part of daily life rather than a once off event.   We will work with you over time to make this the norm.   City Life’s team of financial planners is a highly trained group of people, who will work with you to ensure that you are making the best financial decisions to reach your goals in life.   For both new and existing clients this is part and parcel of the service we provide. However, different situations require different service levels:

do you Need a quick handle on your personal financial chaos before making a big life decision?

No problem, we will meet you, prepare the analysis and advise on courses of action. We will agree a fee in advance.

Do You need an impartial view on your investment portfolio to ensure it is set up in the right way for you?

No problem, we will assess your financial background, attitude to risk and suitability of your portfolio.

Do you want to focus on your business and your passions?

That is what a long term relationship with City Life is all about.

Financial Products and Portfolios

As part of your overall financial plan, whether a short term one or long term one, you are likely to need financial products in some shape or form.   As an independently owned firm of advisors, with a long track record in market analysis and product due diligence, we are best placed to help you use such products in the right way.
In simple terms (and things aren’t always simple!) – we view the world of financial products as being in two buckets:

Risk management

  • Life Assurance and Serious Illness Insurance

  • Income Protection Insurance

  • Business Owner Insurance (including key person cover)

Investment & Long Term Saving

  • Personal and Corporate (Director) Pension Funds

  • Personal and Corporate Investment Portfolios

  • Private Monthly Investment Plans (for child savings and annual gifting)

All of the above are part and parcel of many financial plans, but are only ever recommended when a need is first established. Clients of City Life can avail of both sides of the process – enacting the financial plan and then making sure the right products or portfolio are in place.

Employee Benefits (Group Pensions and Risk)

At City Life we make pension and group risk provision easy.

Did you know that employers are required by law to provide their employees with access to a Personal Retirement Savings Account and that the employer does not have to make contributions?

However, going one step further and offering a well thought out benefits package can help drive the success of your business by attracting key employees and promoting loyalty among your staff. A group pension or risk scheme (such as a death in service benefit) shows that you as an employer care about your employees. This should in turn promote increased loyalty from your employees.

Setting up a group pension or risk scheme is easier than you may think and tax efficient – just let us guide you through the process and we will take care of all the hard work from there. At City Life we work with you to design and implement the best package to suit your company’s needs. We have established relationships with a range of trusted providers and we work closely with them to ensure the optimum performance and governance of the scheme. For a scheme to be successful, buy in from employees is essential. We engage with scheme members from the outset, and are always available to speak with members regarding their scheme benefits. We provide regular one to one meetings for pension scheme members, to help them meet their retirement goals.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet you to discuss how we can implement a group pension or risk scheme for you and your team.


Business Consultancy and Mentoring

City Life has been at the cutting edge of independent financial advice for over four decades.
Like all good businesses, we have re-invented ourselves a number of times – but always stuck to one guiding principle – look after our clients and ensure they understand their finances and have a voice in a world of large financial institutions.

The re-invention has occurred a number of times in order to stay where we want to – that is, at the forefront of the financial advice industry. As a result, our experiences in business as well as the experience of transition from a first generation to second generation business mean we are well placed to advise other business owners throughout Ireland.

Ted and Eamon Dwyer advise on the areas of succession, marketing and income models for financial services firms. Stephen Barry and Dermot O’Mahoney have broad experience in shareholder structures and corporate strategy. Josephine Cussen is a leading practitioner in compliant processes